Life doesn’t go as planned. When the big hits come, you put your faith into something bigger.

Jessica Alvarado’s Story

That’s what Jessica Alvarado did. On a trip with her husband, from West Texas to Houston, Jessica’s husband had a medical emergency while they were driving through Gonzales County… Read Story »

“I found the perfect place for me and my baby.”

—Kristin Gaither

A few months after moving to Gonzales in May 2018, Kristin Gaither found out she was pregnant. “I knew I needed to find a hospital, so I did some word-of-mouth research and heard… Read Story »

“When it’s time for my mammogram, there’s no other place I’d rather be.”

—Joyce Wilson

Even since she had her first mammogram seven years ago, Joyce Wilson has always trusted Gonzales Healthcare Systems. “The whole radiology department is awesome… Read Story »

“I climbed the rock climbing wall at THRIVE HealthPlex!”

—Emilie Logan

Emilie Logan believes in staying physically active. So there’s no telling what she might do when she turns 90 this coming November after tackling the rock climbing wall at thrive HealthPlex for her… Read Story »

“Taking care of my heart is just the beginning of what this hospital means to me.”

—Kenny Hyden

Since Kenny Hyden was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation), he’s trusted Gonzales Healthcare Systems to keep his heart in rhythm. Three times during the past several years… Read Story »

“When it’s time to exercise, it’s time for THRIVE!”

—Gilda Hunt

Several years ago, Gilda Hunt (center) weighed 295 pounds and couldn’t walk without a walker. Today, she weighs 200 pounds and is the picture of good health. Her secret: exercise. “I’ve been going to THRIVE… Read Story »